14 Nov 2019

How I turned a gaming hobby into a gaming payment career and landed a job at DIMOCO

4000 hours of playing the video game “Counter-Strike”. Five years of being a passionate player of the online game “League of Legends”. One can’t argue that only a real gamer can show these stats for himself. Sascha Börnsen, Senior Sales Manager, tells us about how he set out to turn his hobby into a job, pursued his dream of turning his passion into a successful career and being more than just an employee.

I always had a passion for gaming. It all started with my SEGA Master System II playing “Sonic the Hedgehog” back in 1991 when I was four years old. Then different console types came along, such as the Game Boy – remember Tetris? -, followed by PlayStation 1 and 2. The Nintendo 64 turned me into a PC gamer, playing MMORPGs or Shooters. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours playing online games, such as “League of Legends” or more than 4000 hours of “Counter-Strike”.

At that time I never thought it would be possible to turn my hobby into a career, work for a gaming company or that a possibility would arise to work in the gaming industry at all.  Therefore, I started my apprenticeship as an electrician, playing online games as soon I was home from work. While playing I started to be active in gamigo’s gaming forum as a voluntary moderator and game master.

It was so much fun and I had a good relationship with the then product manager and, as I wanted to earn a few additional bucks as my apprentice salary didn’t really stretch, I asked her if it would be possible to increase the hours of my activities in exchange for a small salary. I immediately got a job interview with the director of support, the interview went well and they gave me the chance to start full-time right after successfully completing my apprenticeship.

So, that’s how I kicked off my gaming career and still to date I value this move as I have a good understanding on how a gaming company ticks, the circle involved, starting with a game developing perspective until the final release, beta tests, in addition to the customer expectation and feedback, which is quite an important point.

Whilst leading the support team I gained more and more interest in the payment sector. Back in school, maths was actually my favorite subject and in which I received the best grades. And since I always was interested in technology too, payment in gaming was indeed a great fit. I had some great coaches, such as Mark Gerban, former senior payment leader at Apple, and Victor Bacre, a long-standing payments consultant. My next move was joining Goodgame Studios as a payment manager, which lead me to develop my payment skills. During that role  I was trusted with the responsibility of overlooking Direct Carrier Billing worldwide quite early. I was responsible for the negotiation of contracts and pricing, as well the evaluation of new payment partners, but also for structuring the price points.

          Did you know that removing or adding a single price point can increase your revenue in the concerned country up to 10%?

I can safely say that I have done a lot of A/B testing, optimized the shifting system with the best price points and this for almost each country for Direct Carrier Billing worldwide.

In order to have a deeper knowledge of the payment industry, I changed to “the other side of the desk” and joined the sales department at EVO Payments. In this role I was responsible for the largest partners and key accounts, 200 in number. Huge thanks to John Delaney at this point, who was a great coach for the credit card industry, and, also teaching me the whole payment landscape for three and a half years.

And this year I’ve landed a job at Onebip, a subsidiary of DIMOCO.  I accepted this challenge as I can combine my entire expertise and experiences, as a Sales Manager, my in-depth knowledge of the needs from both the customer – remember, I am a passionate gamer – and gaming companies needs due to many years’ of working at gaming companies and, last but not least, my expertise for Direct Carrier Billing.



Sascha Börnsen is currently employed as Senior Sales Manager by DIMOCO.
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Vienna, Austria, DIMOCO is a regulated payment institute for Direct Carrier Billing and holds a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), passported to all 28 EU member states.
As a trusted partner of mobile network operators, DIMOCO enables over 1.5 billion people across the globe to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices, charged via the user’s phone bill or credit. All with a single API.



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